Chinese Martial Arts Center

Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang is a Grandmaster of Taiji Chuan and Kungfu including Shaolin, Praying Mantis, Baji Chuan, Bagua Zhan and Piqua.  He has been practicing the Chinese Martial Arts Systems for over 50 years.  This includes over 40 years of teaching, over 36 of which were in the United States.

He is a direct disciple of the late Grandmaster Yunchiao Liu of the Baji System, the late Grandmaster Yennien Wang of Yang’s Michuan Taiji Chuan System, and the late Grandmaster Chienho Yin of the Shaolin Kungfu System.

Beyond martial arts teaching, he was president of the National Taiwan University Chinese Martial Arts Association, writer and editor of the WuTang Magazine, instructor of the WuTang Martial Arts Development center under the late Grandmaster Yunchiao Liu, instructor and master of the Kungfu and Taiji at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and martial arts schools in surrounding cities. 

He also sponsored the First Midwest Tai-Chi Convension with his senior students and Grandmaster George Lin Hu of Houston, Texas and his senior students in Chicago.  This convention was held in honor of the late Grandmaster Yennien Wang in Columbus, Ohio and Chicago and Rockford, Illinois in 1990.

Jonty Kershaw has been studying martial arts since 1976 and teaching since the early nineties. He teaches most of the public Taiji/Gongfu classes at CMAC.

Tim Hwang was the head instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts Center (CMAC)  He was taught and trained directly by his father, Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang, since he was eight years old.  He graduated from Upper Arlington High School in 2006 and received his B.S. degree in biology from the Ohio State University on March 2011. 

He was an instructor at CMAC since 2005 while continuing his training at the instructor-trainee class taught by Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang. He has been trained in shaolin kungfu, taiji chuan, baji chuan, praying mantis, bagua, sword, staff, push hands, and shanshou.

At martial arts tournaments, he  was the champion of all the Extreme Taiji Push hands tournaments he competed in since 2006.  He competed at judo tournaments with the aim to win the first male U.S. Olympic gold medal in judo using his Extreme Taiji Push hands capability.

Master Tim died suddenly in April of 2014. His father has continued to train his students, and his school is continued by his father, his Kungfu brother Tiz, and his student Jonty.


Nathaniel "Tiz" Tisdale

Sifu Jose Reyes

Columbus, Ohio